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Fiona Towers

Fiona Towers

Subject : Deputy Director of St Mary's Catholic High School, Menston

Specialities : Maths

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

  • Working with a huge variety of young people every day, to instil, in them a love of learning and self-belief.
  • Working with a class and individuals to help them develop their potential.
  • Sharing my love of my subject with the pupils I teach.
  • Working with other members of staff to produce outstanding Teaching and Learning resources.

What is your top tip for new trainees?

  • Get involved.Schools are a great place to work, so whenever you get the opportunity, get involved with the life of the school.
  • Work on your subject knowledge before you start the course.You will feel much more confident in the classroom if you are up to date with your subject knowledge.

Why should trainees choose your subject?

  • Mathematics is often perceived to be a challenging subject.You can learn how to break down the barriers to learning and make Maths enjoyable for all.
  • Help pupils make progress with a subject that is integral to their long term success.

Why your school? What are the unique selling points?

  • Opportunity to start your training in an outstanding school.
  • St.Mary’s is a teaching school that supports training throughout a teacher’s career.
  • We work hard to offer our trainees a personalised course to suit your stage in your development.