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      Why Teach?

      Art and Design with Leeds SCITT

      What inspired you to train to be a teacher of Art and Design?

      Was it the idea of having the amazing opportunity to nurture the creative development of every pupil in the classroom?

      Or was it a desire to be able to encourage students to develop their creativity and learn new skills in an exciting and engaging way?

      Whatever made you want to be an Art and Design teacher, Leeds SCITT can get you in the classroom fulfilling your passion as soon as possible! With Leeds SCITT you will be in the classroom helping students from day one of the programme.

      Art and Design is such an important subject as it helps students open their minds. Students are encouraged to learn about their own and others’ cultures and traditions in order to challenge intolerance, ignorance and prejudice. It also helps pupils develop vital transferrable skills: the ability to work independently, explore, experiment and make critical judgements in a secure and enjoyable learning environment.

      Art and Design is one of the most ‘hands-on’ subjects on the school curriculum, so the best way to learn how to teach it is through a hands-on course like SCITT. If you have an urge to be a part of the often transformative experience teaching Art and Design can offer students – don’t delay it, get in the classroom as soon as possible!

      By enrolling in SCITT you will be teaching in a leading school that specialises in the subject for the first 10 weeks and then intermittently throughout your time on the programme. You will be fully supported by the lead tutor for Art and Design and you will also be learning alongside other Art and Design trainee teachers, allowing you to share experiences, tips and your development as teachers with one another throughout.

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      How to apply

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