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      Carr Manor

      Carr Manor Community School is exactly that, a community! That means the schools core values are about building and maintain a community within the school. We believe that strong relationships lead to great learning and as pupils progress through the school they benefit from continuity and personalised learning. By getting to know our children as individuals, we can better support them and their families throughout their educational life. We are a unique ‘through school’ that centres around four core values; summarised as, Know our children well; Partners in Learning; Character for Learning and Enjoy & Achieve.

      Carr Manor Community School has a diverse and harmonious community with staff that are not just fully committed to the development of children and their future, but also to the training of teachers. You will immerse yourself from day one in our experienced departments of History, MFL & RE and have the unique opportunity to develop your experience in a dynamic and supportive school environment, whilst allowing you to establish your own style of teaching.

      As a trainee of History, MFL or RE, this is where you will spend the first six weeks of your PGCE course, where you will have the opportunity to observe and learn from experts in the classroom delivering your subject, as well as spending time with the other subject trainees learning all about the pedagogy behind teaching your subject, how to plan lessons, what makes an excellent lesson as well as at the same time developing your subject knowledge. As the six-weeks Lead School Experience progresses, you will have the opportunity to teach lessons, this is a personalised journey, so for some, that may happen sooner, as we can tailor the course to suit your previous experience and confidence at this stage.

      This course will give you the support to gain confidence in teaching your subject and the necessary knowledge and skills to become one of the next generations of expert teachers.

      Video and Lead Tutors

      YouTube video

      Siobhan Simms: History Subject Lead Mentor
      Catherine Raynor: MFL Subject Lead Mentor
      Sameena Abbas: RE Subject Lead Mentor


      The Lead School Experience was incredible. It was really good to have a group of trainees all working together and supporting each other. The first few weeks of observing lessons first helped to build confidence and develop my knowledge and skills to start teaching after a few weeks.
      Brad Flint, History 2020-21 cohort

      Feedback was great to support my development as the mentor set specific and personal targets meaning development was focused on me rather than more general targets. It showed me that my mentor clearly cared about my progress and was devoted to ensuring that I continually developed during the course. Anna Guilder, History 2020-21 cohort

      I felt fully supported throughout the course and had an incredibly positive experience with Leeds SCITT. The course gradually introduced me to teaching and built up my experience in a way that left me feeling prepared and never overwhelmed. There were many opportunities for wider development which will continue to be put into use throughout my teaching career. Olivia Harrison, Spanish, 2020-21 cohort

      You are immersed in the classroom straight away and you learn quickly about what it is like to teach.

      — Georgia Beaumont – Biology trainee

      Excellent support from all staff I have interacted with at Wetherby High School. Everyone you deal with takes training seriously and wants to help.

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