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    Secondary English | Graduated 2020

    Ashley Davies

    Subject: Secondary English
    Lead School: St Mary’s Menston CVA

    How did I prepare for studying my PGCE in English?
    I reached out to the lead tutor regarding elements of the curriculum, relevant poetry and specific texts that it would be worth getting acquainted/reacquainted with ahead of starting the course. I would urge would be trainees to enjoy the summer and keep their preparation smart and focused. The aim, prior to the course should be to get used to “doing” their specific subject again but also to enjoy the break and relax.

    I was attracted to Leeds SCITT, firstly because of its affiliation with a renowned teacher training institution in LTU and secondly because of its longevity in training and developing new teachers over many years.

    The Lead School experience was a great way to become familiar with the school day and just to get used to being in school again on a daily basis. Lesson observations were incredibly helpful in helping me to identify the theoretical aspects, that I was being taught in the PES and SKAP sessions, being utilised in a real-life lesson.

    By the time the lead school experience finishes, as a trainee, it feels like the organic, natural next step to undertake an increased volume of teaching for yourself and to look to implement the planning and pedagogical aspects which you have been looking at. I would urge trainees to embrace and enjoy the worry and fear you may experience at the thought of standing in front of a class and delivering a lesson as this is what we have chosen to do and only through actually teaching can we fully grow and develop.

    My mentors and host teachers have been extremely helpful, supportive and had a real impact on my development over the year. Though it can be difficult to hear criticism after spending hours planning for a lesson, it is a vital intro into the reflective nature of teaching. The constructive feedback is thorough and has really helped me consider focus areas in terms of my own development.

    One of the great aspects of training through Leeds SCITT is the readily available support from a variety of different avenues. The training year is, without doubt, challenging and all encompassing, but I have felt fully supported throughout the year and able to speak openly with somebody about any concerns or problems I was facing.

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