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    Art & Design | Graduated 2017

    Charlotte Owen

    Initial SCITT trainee experience

    Could summarise experience and opportunities during school-based training, support from lead tutors, mentors, unique selling points of the course e.g. small subject group to Lead Tutor support etc.

    The lead tutor for Art and Design, along with specialist mentors from both my placements provided excellent support with the practical aspects of teaching and learning of Art and Design. Sessions with the lead tutor took place in small groups, which meant there was a personalised package of both support and challenge. The high-quality academic aspect of the course also very much supported the development of my knowledge, skills and understanding of pedagogy. Training with Leeds SCITT sets up trainees to be ambitious in their goals, rigorous in their planning and empathetic in their roles as teachers who seek social justice and quality education for all children.

    Where did you get your first teaching job? Was it a Lead SCITT School?

    Carr Manor Community School is a Lead SCITT school for MFL and History. I completed my final SCITT placement at Wetherby High School. Carr Manor is a partner of Wetherby, and this relationship helped me secure my teaching position.

    What is your current role and responsibility and at what school?

    KS3 Art Lead & Y11 Mind Lead at Carr Manor Community School.

    Why do you think doing Leeds SCITT helped you getting your first job / that job / leadership role?

    Leeds SCITT helped me work in a fast-paced, yet organised and considered manner. During the placements, myself and other trainees were delivered the highest quality guidance from lecturers and ITT co-ordinators. Through this, we developed a secure knowledge of the most up to date thinking around pedagogy. SCITT also invaluably offers the opportunity of being hands on in a specialist classroom from very early on in the course, which no doubt helped me secure my position at Carr Manor.

    Length of time teaching /in service?

    3 years qualified, and 4 years including teacher training.

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