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    Secondary Geography | Graduated 2021

    Ed Williams

    ed williams

    Subject: Geography
    Lead School: Titus Salt School
    Placement A: Titus Salt School
    Placement B: Featherstone Academy

    How did I prepare for studying my PGCE in Geography?
    I spent my time prior to the course ensuring my subject knowledge was up to date as it had been some time since I studied Geography. I wanted to ensure that my knowledge was as detailed as necessary. I read articles, textbooks, joined subject associations and watched documentaries. I reviewed my own personal experience gained from travelling the world so as to be able to use this in lessons.

    Why did you choose Leeds SCITT?
    I chose Leeds SCITT because of the practical nature of the course. We were on our feet in front of the class within the first few weeks and as a ‘hands on’ learner I found this an amazing way to progress. It has been difficult this year to have all the university learning sessions online but, the content put out by Leeds Trinity University has been brilliant. Coupled with the in-school experience I feel completely ready to start my teaching career.

    Coming into the Lead School Experience was extremely daunting, and I felt settled and supported from the very first day. Being welcomed into the Lead School and department as a member of staff from day one made me feel part of the team and the school. It gave me the confidence and validation to learn. Spending the majority of time in school and learning how schools operate is definitely one of the best aspects of the course.

    The Subject Lead Tutors at my Lead School and placements have taught me an incredible amount. Not only in enhancing my subject knowledge but in how to teach that knowledge. The strategies for teaching and learning and ensuring a safe learning environment for all are drawn out of experience, and I have had the wisdom and experience of both my Subject Lead Tutors, without which, I would not be anywhere near the stage I am now. The encouragement and support of my Subject Lead Tutors has been the most vital aspect of my journey this year.

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