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      Science with Chemistry | Graduated 2019

      Julie Hagerty

      Initial SCITT trainee experience

      Joining the Leeds SCITT was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The friendly atmosphere and the emphasis placed on the continual development, and wellbeing of SCITT trainees made the Leeds SCITT an easy choice. I have felt valued and supported at every step of the course. The support of the Leeds SCITT is a real strength, and the course tutors are always on hand to talk, whether it’s about upcoming lessons, PGCE assignments or securing NQT jobs. Everyone involved have been handpicked to provide the most fun and fulfilling learning experiences.

      The SCITT course covers all aspects of becoming a secondary school teacher and at the end of the training I could not have been better prepared to enter into my NQT year. The schools involved are amazing, the lead tutors, mentors and host teachers are well versed in training teachers and are pragmatic about the challenges you face as a trainee teacher and they do nothing but help and support you from day one, even if it’s just a cup of tea and catch up. My mentors and host teachers at each of my placements have enabled me to develop as a teacher through their thorough and regular feedback as a result of formal and informal lesson observations. It is important to remember how significant feedback is to your progress as a teacher as this enables you to experiment, practice and reflect on your teaching and over the course you can see just how far you have come and what you have learnt and improved on.

      The course is hard word work and can be challenging at times but how the course is designed, from the engaging university training sessions to the useful lead school subject groups, allows you to be prepared for whatever is placed in front of you. The Leeds SCITT provided me with a fantastic range of experiences, and it is amazing to see how far you develop as a teacher over the year. Becoming a teacher through the Leeds SCITT is no doubt one of the most rewarding and unforgettable experiences I have been a part of.

      Where did you get your first teaching job? Was it a Lead SCITT School?

      I am currently working as a science teacher at Carr Manor Community School and it is the lead SCITT school for MFL.

      What is your current role and responsibility and at what school?

      In my current role I teach science to years 7 and 8 and I teach chemistry to years 9, 10 and 11. Also as we are a through school, I teach science to years 5 and 6.

      Why do you think doing Leeds SCITT helped you getting your first job / that job / leadership role?

      I think that completing teacher training through the Leeds SCITT helped me gain my first job because you complete your training within a school environment. This allows you to gain experience in your subject and develop confidence in the classroom right from the start. Leeds SCITT has a fantastic reputation for trainees to achieve ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ teacher status which means that there is a high level of trainees gain employment on finishing the course. Also, Leeds SCITT trainees have an advantage due the Leeds SCITT connections with a huge number of well-respected schools in and around the Leeds area.

      Length of time teaching /in service?

      In September 2020, I will enter into my RQT year.

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