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    Geography | Graduated 2013

    Louise Stevens

    Initial SCITT trainee experience

    I was really lucky to be part of the first cohort of Geography SCITT trainees to be based at Titus Salt School. We were a small group of 3 and this meant that the support we received from our Lead Tutor was incredibly personalised, constructive and allowed us to thrive. I found it incredibly useful being based in a school environment from the off, being part of the Geography department and being able to observe as many lessons, teachers and subjects as I could. This really helped prepare me for the placement stage. I had placements at St Mary’s Menston and back at Titus Salt School. The support from my mentors and other colleagues during these placements helped me develop my subject knowledge, learn the very basics of teaching and to discover my own style. I loved that we had days during the course to come back together as trainees at our lead school, it was great to catch up and share our experiences.

    Where did you get your first teaching job? Was it a Lead SCITT School?

    I was really lucky that a job came up at Titus Salt School during my second placement there, I applied, was interviewed and here I have stayed ever since! What is your current role and responsibility and at what school? Teacher of Geography & and now a Lead SCITT Tutor for Geography at Titus Salt School. I have also been a school-based mentor for Geography SCITT trainees since 2015.

    Why do you think doing Leeds SCITT helped you getting your first job / that job / leadership role?

    I think I was very lucky that the job came up when I was on placement as it meant I knew the school inside and out. We had interview practice as part of the SCITT and this prepared me for the types of questions I could have been asked and what to expect at a teaching interview. I do feel that completing the SCITT course built my confidence, developed my subject knowledge focussing on strengthening weaknesses and allowed me to take risks and be creative within my teaching style.

    Length of time teaching /in service?

    7 years

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