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      MFL (French) | Graduated 2018

      Rupert Berry

      Initial SCITT trainee experience

      My initial training had a degree of difficulty that couldn’t have been predicated. Many outside forces added a lot a pressure to what was an already demanding year. That is why I can say with confidence that without the dedicated support from my tutors and mentors, I would have not succeeded in my goal of becoming a teacher.

      I chose the SCITT program over other training providers, because I felt the course provided more opportunities to work in a professional school setting with dedicated and trained professionals. This professionalism and degree of subject knowledge allowed me to feel comfortable that I would learn the necessary skills required to succeed in teaching. Alongside the practical skills required in teaching, the course – through use of a lead school – provided a safe space to discuss any anxieties/worries you may have. Whether they were personal or professional.

      Notable mentions

      • A large amount of time given to providing useful feedback.
      • Being based in a lead school from the outset helped preparation for teaching.
      • Days spent at university/outside the classroom training are useful and productive.
      • Information is disseminated very well from the course to the students.

      Where did you get your first teaching job? Was it a Lead SCITT School?

      I chose to postpone my first teaching post in order to gain more experience in the classroom through being a cover supervisor. I accepted apposition at my lead school as I knew it was a place that would be good for my development. Following this, I have recently accepted an NQT position at the same school.

      What is your current role and responsibility and at what school?

      My current role is MFL NQT. Carr Manor Community School.

      Why do you think doing Leeds SCITT helped you getting your first job / that job / leadership role?

      Completing Leeds SCITT provided me a strong base in order to develop an understanding of what is required in order to teach effectively but also to have a long career in teaching. It taught me that teaching is more than just your subject knowledge, it’s about being adaptable and building relationships amongst other things. It is a discipline that is constantly changing, and the end of your taring year is just the beginning.

      Length of time teaching /in service?

      In September 20, 2+ years in teaching.

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