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      Secondary Geography | Graduated 2021

      Sam Conway

      Destination: ECT at Beckfoot Thornton
      Subject: Geography
      Lead School: Titus Salt School
      Placement A: Titus Salt School
      Placement B: Titus Salt School

      How did I prepare for studying my PGCE in Geography?
      I completed a TES subject enhancement course and created a subject knowledge scrap book/ illustrated revision guide prior to starting the course.

      Why did you choose Leeds SCITT?
      When I was interviewed the interviewer came across supportive and professional so I felt that I would be happy in a future placement at the Lead School.

      Everyone I have worked with at Titus Salt School has been fantastic. There is always somebody happy to help and offer advice. The feedback I have received throughout the course has been useful and has helped me identify and work on the areas that I need to improve on, so that I feel confident going forward to teach.

      It has been great getting to know the pupils, as I have stayed in the same place for my entire training journey. This has allowed me to build relationships and provided me with the platform to try new strategies.

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