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      Computer Science | Graduated 2012

      Sofiana Atif

      Initial SCITT trainee experience

      One of the reasons I chose to come to Leeds Trinity to do my teacher training was due to the emphasis on school-based training. This was prominent right from the start and really supported me in getting to know how schools work as well as give me first-hand experience with observing lessons and working with teaching staff. Support from tutors at Leeds Trinity and my Lead tutor in my lead school was fantastic and really helped boost my confidence in getting into the classroom and delivering lessons. Lead tutor sessions were based around core teaching fundamentals and were personalised to help us develop as individual teachers. The fact that the group of trainee teachers were subject specific gave us ample opportunity to share experiences and get one to one support whenever we required.

      Where did you get your first teaching job?

      Was it a Lead SCITT School? Benton Park School which was one of the placement schools for the SCITT training

      What is your current role and responsibility and at what school?

      I am currently working at Titus Salt School as the Leader of Computer Science. Titus Salt School was also my lead school during my SCITT training and where I carried out my teaching placement.

      Why do you think doing Leeds SCITT helped you getting your first job / that job / leadership role?

      Working closely with a lead tutor and being able to get experience in the classroom right from the start really helped me with setting a vision for myself in the future. I knew I wanted to come back and work at a Leeds SCITT associated school after being inspired during my training year so to come back as a head of subject to the lead school was the perfect opportunity and the best decision I made.

      Length of time teaching /in service?

      8 years

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