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      Why Teach?

      Doing what you love makes you happier

      At Leeds SCITT we work hard with our students to give them a life of security and happiness. Recent research has shown that...

      Why Teach?

      So you’ve decided that you want to become a Maths teacher?

      Making Maths seem fun can be something of a challenge when working with some pupils. In turn, this can sometimes make being a Maths teacher a difficult task.

      Why Teach?

      4 Reasons Teaching is the Most Important Career Path You Can Choose

      It might sound dramatic but the ideas you explore can literally shape the future! With children literally being the future of our society...

      Why Teach?

      Why be a teacher?

      Teaching is not just a career, it’s about making an impact in the future of the world around you.

      Why Teach?

      Art and Design with Leeds SCITT

      Art and Design is such an important subject as it helps students open their minds.

      Why Teach?

      Dance your way to success with Leeds SCITT

      Is dancing your passion? Does the thought of sharing your passion for dancing with...

      Why Teach?

      Teach the next generation of computer buffs with Leeds SCITT!

      Having an extensive and impressive knowledge of IT is something that sets children apart from their competitors in a modern world...

      Why Teach?

      Teach Languages or Science? Want Your Student Loan Paid Back?

      Find out whether you are eligible to ask for your student loan repayments to be paid back by a reimbursement scheme.

      Why Teach?

      Modern Foreign Languages at Leeds SCITT

      Learning to speak a different language requires using your brain in a completely different way to any other subject on the school curriculum.

      Why Teach?

      Make Music matter with Leeds SCITT

      If you can’t think of anything better than getting stuck in with teaching pupils about the magic of music, Leeds SCITT is the best option for you!

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