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      Cockburn School is an academy which is a member of the Cockburn Multi-Academy Trust whose focus is on each individual, acknowledging both their rights and responsibilities. Teaching & Learning drives an ambitious curriculum that seeks to stretch and challenge all students through academic rigour. A strong care, support and guidance structure supports learning throughout the school.

      We promote respect and good manners; these are fundamental to our school based on our shared Values an Expectations. We recognise the importance of each individual and the school’s place in the local community. We aim to promote lifelong learning by developing creative, independent and reflective learners. We believe in the quality of opportunity and in celebrating success for all.

      We are proud to work with Leeds SCITT to attract the very best graduates into teaching. This course is ideal for any graduate who wishes to complete their teacher training within a school environment. As the Leeds SCITT course is led by active teaching professionals, trainees can expect to receive a high level of training and support from both inside and outside the classroom.

      You will immerse yourself from the start in our experienced department and have the unique opportunity to develop your experience in a dynamic and supportive school environment, whilst allowing you to establish your own style of teaching.

      As a trainee, this is where you will spend the first six weeks of your PGCE course, where you will have the opportunity to observe and learn from experts delivering your subject, as well as spending time with the other trainees learning all about the pedagogy behind teaching your subject, how to plan lessons, what makes an excellent lesson as well as at the same time developing your subject knowledge. As the six-weeks Lead School Experience progresses, you will have the opportunity to teach lessons, this is a personalised journey, so for some, that may happen sooner, as we can tailor the course to suit your previous experience and confidence at this stage.

      Video and Lead Tutors

      Our Videos – Cockburn School

      Lynda Dean: Art & Design Subject Lead Tutor

      Kay Andrews: Dance Subject Lead Tutor

      Sarah Kilner: Drama Subject Lead Tutor

      Leanne Amos: Music Subject Lead Tutor



      Strong mentoring and feedback in all my lessons helped to make each day feel like a learning and development process. Joe Boylan, PE, 2020-21 cohort

      Time was given to practice skills and how to teach them whilst providing the best delivery of teaching points, helping to plan successful lessons. Hannah Laverick, PE, 2020-21 cohort

      The support from the course directors has been amazing. I’ve felt fully supported at all points and had worries solved and reassured very quickly. This made the course feel extremely personalised. The course didn’t feel overwhelming and I feel prepared to teach full time. Callum Currie, PE, 2020-21 cohort

      You are immersed in the classroom straight away and you learn quickly about what it is like to teach.

      — Georgia Beaumont – Biology trainee

      Excellent support from all staff I have interacted with at Wetherby High School. Everyone you deal with takes training seriously and wants to help.

      — Roger Heeley - Physics trainee

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