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    Thinking of Applying?

    Considering becoming an English teacher?

    English is considered a core subject here in the UK, so why is so much emphasis placed on this subject in the country’s curriculum?

    In an increasingly competitive job, communication is key and a student’s ability to express themselves through language can set them out from the crowd.

    However, students often take the ability to communicate in English for granted because it’s all around us every day.

    As an English teacher, it’s your job to get students to take a step back and think analytically about English, and in doing so, help them develop a greater understanding of it.

    By teaching English, you’re responsible for helping students develop their voice and skills to use English to develop their ideas creatively and in the correct way.

    Teaching English can be a challenging and rewarding career path, and if you want to become an exceptional English teacher, Leeds SCITT is the best place to begin.

    With years of experience offering PGCE training for aspiring teachers from all over the area, including Leeds, Bradford and North Yorkshire, we’ve developed a reputation for developing some of the best teachers in the UK.

    Whether you want to teach the technicalities of English by becoming an English Language teacher, or you want to explore how language is used to create poetry and stories as an English Literature teacher, we can help.

    Just take a look at some of the core components of the Leeds SCITT programme that make us a cut above the rest:

    • Expert tuition – you will be learning from tutors through the highly regarded Leeds Trinity University, who are experts in research-based learning.
    • SCITT’s support network – we will always be on hand to support you through your training, mentors are available to offer assistance whenever they’re needed.
    • ‘On the job’ training – what really makes Leeds SCITT one of the best programmes in the area is the emphasis we place on learning ‘on the job’. You will be placed in schools from week one of your training, providing the perfect platform to start your teaching career.
    • Learn from the best – unlike some teacher training courses, we think it’s important to train at the best possible institutions for your subject. That’s why, if you train to be an English teacher with Leeds SCITT, for the first part of your training you will be placed in a school that specialises in the subject.
    • We create highly employable English teachers – when you finish the course, our help doesn’t stop there. Our team will work with you to find local teaching jobs, helping make us one of the best teacher training programmes for employability in the region.

    We can’t wait to help you on your way to being the best English teacher possible! If you want to find more about how Leeds SCITT can help you, click here.

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