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    Why Teach?

    Dance your way to success with Leeds SCITT

    Is dancing your passion?  

    Does the thought of sharing your passion for dancing with the next generation of dancers excite you?  Did you know Leeds SCITT offers you the opportunity to train with our well-respected institutions to achieve your dreams of teaching Dance?

    About Leeds SCITT

    Leeds SCITT is an internationally respected and much sought-offer training programme that gives the unique opportunity for hands-on experience teaching from your very first day on the course! At SCITT, we believe the best way to learn is to do. And we will put you in a school that specialises in the teaching of Dance to students so you have the best possible platform to learn everything there is to know. You will train here for at least the first six weeks of your course, with plenty of opportunities to return throughout your training with us.

    Our aim

    Many of those wanting to train to be Dance teachers will be well experienced in dancing, but may have different levels of experience in teaching the discipline. It’s our aim to bring every Leeds SCITT Dance trainee up to the same exceptional standard of teacher we strive for. Once your training is finished, our exceptional employment rates help our graduates find work much more easily than many other training courses.

    What makes Leeds SCITT so good?

    Training to be a Dance teacher with Leeds SCITT allows you to gain a PGCE within a smaller cohort than many other Dance ITT courses. The course is designed to address trainee’s choreographic and appreciation skills along with developing pupils’ performance competencies to ensure you are a knowledgeable and supportive teacher of Dance.

    If you want to learn more about what training on our Dance course at Leeds SCITT, why not read the story of one of our trainees, Nicole, here.

    Ready to apply for a course with us? Visit our How to Apply section for what to do next

    How to apply

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