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      Wetherby High School

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      Wetherby High School

      Here at Wetherby High School we’re deeply committed to ensuring the educational experience for each child unlocks their full potential. As such our ambitions for them stretch way beyond their exam results and their time with us.

      This is a place where young people can be successful not only in their schoolwork but also in their school life. We have so many opportunities for students – and secondary school is the perfect time for them to experiment and discover where their interests and passions lie.

      Placing children and their personal success at the heart of work means that sometimes we do not take the easiest path, but the path that is right for each individual child. We know that when a child feels safe, happy and supported they thrive. We are truly proud that our work in this area was signified as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.

      As a trainee at Wetherby High school you will work with Alison Covick as both Subject Mentor and ITT Co-ordinator, making her well placed to support you on your Leeds SCITT journey, and beyond.

      We have a young and dynamic department with excellent teachers that allows for high quality collaborative planning and sharing of resources. Many members of the Science department undertook the Leeds SCITT programme themselves and so are well placed to support and mentor trainees.


      Video and Lead Tutors


      Alison Covick: Science Subject Mentor


      “You learn pedagogy and then can see it in a practical context almost immediately. It has been a stressful year at times and I have felt that I am supported as a person as well as a colleague.” Georgia Beaumont – Biology

      “Dedication to making the year as productive as possible given current challenges. Being part of a supportive department that clearly wanted to help you develop as much as possible.” Roger Heeley – Physics

      “The support available and how approachable people who lead the course is fantastic. I experienced a lot of support with workload, wellbeing and preparing me for my university assignments.” Adil Saleem – Biology

      You are immersed in the classroom straight away and you learn quickly about what it is like to teach.

      — Georgia Beaumont – Biology trainee

      Excellent support from all staff I have interacted with at Wetherby High School. Everyone you deal with takes training seriously and wants to help.

      — Roger Heeley - Physics trainee

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