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      Help in Applying?

      Interview Top Tips

      Most interviews will take place over a full day and will include the following:

      1. Review of personal documentation
      2. Tour of the School
      3. Teaching exercise
      4. Written task (subject-based)
      5. Opportunity to observe some teaching
      6. Formal individual interview

      Prior Preparation

      Subject Knowledge Audit

      This needs to be done as honestly as possible as it highlights your strengths and weaknesses in your subject knowledge. You will be expected to talk about Subject Knowledge in your formal interview and how you will address your weaknesses prior to commencing the course.


      Find out where your interview is. How will you get there? How long will it take you? Do a dry run prior to your interview day and allow time for traffic. It’s better to arrive early than late!


      Check what documentation you need to take with you e.g. passport/ qualification certificates.


      Find out about the course you are applying for and the school you will have your interview at, refer to their websites: This website will also give you links to the lead school website.

      Dress Code

      Ensure you wear something that is professional, comfortable and suitable for a school environment. Always imagine you need to follow the school rules yourself e.g. no piercings/ heavy makeup/ extreme hairstyles etc.


      Take a pen and pad of paper extra to anything you may need for your teaching exercise.

      Plan a Teaching Exercise

      You will need to plan a teaching exercise for your interview so check the following:

      1. How many pupils will you be teaching?
      2. What resources are available to you e.g. computer/smart board? Some schools don’t accept memory sticks so check in advance how you can access any ICT presentations you have prepared.
      3. What age and ability your pupils are that you will be teaching?
      4. Timescale/ content of the teaching exercise. Some of the information will be given prior but you may want to ask for more information to ensure your teaching exercise suits the pupils you are teaching.

      Formal Interview

      You will be asked a series of questions based on your subject knowledge, why you want to get into teaching and what experience and skills you have that will make you a desirable candidate to join a PGCE course. With any questions try and give examples that you can refer to specifically to back up your thoughts and ideas. Think about the kind of questions that might come up and jot down some ideas prior to the interview so you have plenty to talk about.

      Common questions:

      • Why do you want to get into teaching?
      • Why do you want to teach your subject?
      • How will you make a difference as a teacher?
      • What experience of teaching/ working with children have you had that have prepared you for becoming a teacher?
      • What skills do you have that are essential for a teacher to have?
      • What understanding do you have of what teaching is about?
      • What knowledge do you have of current educational issues/ changes both whole school and subject specific?

      During your formal interview you are also being observed on your personal, intellectual and communication skills.

      Remember we are not looking for the finished article, but we are looking for how you interact with young people, do you truly and authentically enjoy working with young people, do you have a passion for your subject and mostly we are looking for your potential.

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