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    Why Teach?

    Make Music matter with Leeds SCITT

    Music lessons that are taught with enthusiasm and creativity can establish a lifelong affinity for the subject with pupils. Additionally, these lessons are often the favourite part of a student’s weekly timetable as it allows them to express themselves in a completely different way to other subjects.

    The fact you’ve chosen or are considering a career as a music teacher means you have a passion for music that you want to share with the next generation of potential musicians! Leeds SCITT helps you gain a qualification that will allow you to teach music at GCSE level, whilst also allowing you to teach whilst you train. If you can’t think of anything better than getting stuck in with teaching pupils about the magic of music, Leeds SCITT is undoubtedly the best option for you!

    From your very first day of the Leeds SCITT programme, you will be in the classroom with pupils gaining hands-on experience. We understand that as a trainee teacher you want to learn from the best. If you choose to train with Leeds SCITT, we not only partner you with schools that have often be rated ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, your training will also begin in a school that specialises in Music/Performing Arts.

    Our Music teacher trainees will undertake the initial part of their training at Cockburn School, a school with a specialism in the Performing Arts. Cockburn’s music department has the unique approach of utilising the ‘Musical Futures’ approach to teaching music. Students at this school regularly engage with professional artists in a variety of disciplines to ensure a wider perspective of the arts profession and to give them inspiration in this field.

    In addition to training you in the best possible institutions for your subject in the area, we have a great support system in place for SCITT trainees. You will be given a mentor to help you throughout your training with us. Many of these mentors have learned to teach through the SCITT programme themselves and so are in a brilliant position to offer help and advice to help you succeed and get the best out of the programme. You will learn alongside fellow SCITT Music trainee teachers, allowing you to share advice and experiences and help each other grow throughout your time on the programme.

    The careful thought and consideration that goes into creating the best possible programme for Leeds SCITT trainees is probably why 100% of our trainees rated the quality of the course as ‘Very Good’ or ‘Good’ over the last three years of the NQT Survey. It may also be the reason that the employability of Leeds SCITT graduates is much higher than the national average, as schools know the high-quality graduates the SCITT programme produces.

    If you want to share your love of music with pupils, learn how to do it in the best possible way, with Leeds SCITT. Learn more here.

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