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      Why Teach?

      Modern Foreign Languages at Leeds SCITT

      Learning to speak a different language requires using your brain in a completely different way to any other subject on the school curriculum.

      This can be a challenge that is both exciting, but also a bit daunting for some students. Your job as an MFL teacher is to make sure that it is the former! Using your passion for languages and a creative approach to lessons, you can give pupils the ability to speak a new language with confidence. The ability to speak foreign languages can offer students a different insight into the world around them. You’re also part of a journey that can open a whole host of new opportunities to them, in terms of travelling, living abroad and career opportunities in their future.

      The SCITT programme creates excellent, innovative teachers with a wide range of skills. These are the type of teachers that are well equipped to help pupils progress and achieve in the often challenging subject of modern foreign languages.

      Watching students develop from having little or no experience in languages, to being able to speak it with confidence and answer questions fluently is one of the most rewarding experiences in teaching. Leeds SCITT allows you the opportunity to be part of this process sooner rather than later.

      Leeds SCITT allows you to be in the classroom teaching languages from day one of the programme. You will begin your training in a school that specialises in Modern Foreign Languages, spending the first ten weeks of your training there. You will also return to this school throughout the programme, allowing you to see first-hand the ways in which specialist institutions teach languages. Furthermore, the schools our trainees are placed in have been rated good and outstanding by Ofsted.

      With Leeds SCITT you can have the opportunity to specialise in either French or Spanish at KS3 and KS4 level. Share your passion for languages for with the next generation of linguists with Leeds SCITT, find out more here.

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