Don't just be a History teacher. Be a Leeds SCITT History teacher.

8 Aug 2017

At Leeds SCITT we want to train History teachers who can challenge and inspire young people. That’s our goal. We like to think we’ve done pretty well in achieving that goal, in fact, you could even say we’ve had a ‘history’ of success.

The numbers speak for themselves, and since our history course began running in 2013, 100 percent of our History trainees have achieved employment! Whether that be here in West Yorkshire, across the UK and even abroad. The well-respected nature of the Leeds SCITT History qualification offers graduates endless opportunities.

So why is being the best History teacher you can be so important?

There is so much that can be learnt about the world we live in today by looking at the important events in our past that have shaped our society. In addition to this, studying History allows students become detectives in their own right. Students learn to decide for themselves whether they think sources are reliable to try and get an accurate picture of how things happened and the way things were in the past. These important analytical skills are helpful, not only in academia but also in a variety of jobs and situations ahead. As a History teacher, you’re equipping pupils with the ever-important skills of being confident, curious and inquisitive learners.

If you chose to train to be a History teacher with Leeds SCITT you will spend at least the first six weeks in a school that specialises in History. This allows you get the best possible hands-on experience from the best possible institution in the area. Previous SCITT graduates have found the lessons and advice they have received from seasoned History teachers invaluable in helping shape their own teaching career and approach in the classroom.

So don’t sell yourself short. Train with Leeds SCITT to be the best teacher you can be, with the greatest prospects ahead. Learn more about how to apply, entry requirements and the course structure of Leeds SCITT’s History course and let’s get teaching!