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Thinking of Applying?

SCITT Training: Turning teaching into a lifelong career 

For those unfamiliar with SCITT Teacher training, it stands for School Centred Initial Teacher Training. It is one of several methods in which aspiring teachers can train to teach, alongside a PGCE and School Direct.

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Thinking of Applying?

ITT Experience Day at Titus Salt School

Would you love to become a teacher but unsure on whether you have the attributes and skills required? Or simply, would love to know a little more about the profession? If so, please look no further!

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Thinking of Applying?

Leeds SCITT Open Day 22nd February 2020

Are you interested in training to teach? If so, why not join Leeds SCITT at our open day on Saturday 22nd February at Leeds Trinity University?

Help in Applying?

Writing a personal statement for a PGCE

Your personal statement is crucial to the success of your application and must be well written, concise, well-structured.

Why Teach?

4 Reasons Teaching is the Most Important Career Path You Can Choose

It might sound dramatic but the ideas you explore can literally shape the future! With children literally being the future of our society...

Preparing for your PGCE year

Leeds SCITT Initial Teacher Training Experience Day – 15th May 2019

Leeds SCITT would like to share this exciting opportunity with you. . . .

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Thinking of Applying?

Are you looking for a new career or building your first career in teaching?

Why not consider Leeds SCITT? We are one of the longest operating SCITTs in West Yorkshire and we are recruiting.

Preparing for your PGCE year

Keeping it hot day – 13th March

Leeds SCITT would like to share this exciting opportunity with you.  This year our Lead School for English and...

Why Teach?

Doing what you love makes you happier

At Leeds SCITT we work hard with our students to give them a life of security and happiness. Recent research has shown that...

Help in Applying?

Interview Top Tips

Most interviews will take place over a full day and will include the following...

Thinking of Applying?

Want to train to become a teacher?Open day Sat, 10th Nov 2018

Visit the open day at Leeds Trinity University: this might be the beginning of an amazing and rewarding teaching career and Leeds SCITT will support you every step of the way.

Why Teach?

Teach Languages or Science? Want Your Student Loan Paid Back?

Find out whether you are eligible to ask for your student loan repayments to be paid back by a reimbursement scheme.

Ready to apply for a course with us? Visit our How to Apply section for what to do next

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