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Bethan Lord Design Technology

Don’t let negativity in the press, from other teachers, other trainees, from moaning teenagers get to you.

If something doesn’t make you want to do it better or challenge you, its not worth doing. Everyday will be different & rewarding in its own way. - Bethan Lord, DT

We asked Bethan for her thoughts on the following questions, read her responses below.

1.What have you enjoyed most about your time on the course?

Learning how to inspire children/ teenagers.

Seeing a wide variety of teaching styles and different learners.

Building relationships with pupils as well as mentors and other trainees.

2.What are your career ambitions for the next five years?

Teach amazing lessons that get more pupils to pick D&T.

Progress to assistant department leader and eventually department leader.

Be involved with SEND/ safeguarding in some way.

3.Why did you choose Leeds SCITT?

The glowing accounts of experiences from past trainees.

Speaking to Michelle at a Train to Teach event made me think that she really knew her stuff.

I knew that I’d be in school from day one and having been working in a school already the thought of going back to Uni really wasn’t for me.

I knew what schools were in the SCITT and they were able to tell me where I’d be first so I knew that I’d be able to manage the commute – there’s enough to contend with without a 30 mile journey every morning.

4.What are the unique selling points about Leeds SCITT?

Michelle Oldfield!

Lead tutors and co-ordinators that really do care about you and completely understand that this is a hard thing to do and don’t let you get put off by cynicism.

Being able to teach at a wide variety of schools lets you work out who you are as a teacher.

5.What advice would you give to applicants when they are deciding who to train with?

Do IT!

Don’t be put off by the ‘horror stories’ it’s not as bad as you think – you still do have a life.

Leeds SCITT is probably the best run course in the area and the leaders and tutors are the most supportive people ever, despite having their own busy jobs and children to tend to, they are always available for you. Plus, they won’t just stick you in front of a class room of teenagers and let you fail. No one is allowed to fail!

6. Do you have any other thoughts you would like to share?

Don’t let negativity in the press, from other teachers, other trainees, from moaning teenagers get to you.

Get into mindfulness – it will change your life.

7.What are your hobbies or interests outside of work?

Drinking wine on the sofa

Clubbercise (an exercise class with disco lights, 90s dance and glow sticks)

Pilates (standing up all day will get to your back)

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I had an outstanding experience . . .

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You have to be prepared to put in the work but the rewards are endless.

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DT who also studied Design Technology says...

I still found that I had time to continue dancing and going out with friends as well as running regularly throughout the course. It is difficult in teaching to find time to do your own thing but the course supported me enough to feel I had the time.

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