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Claire Burton Design Technology

You have to be prepared to put in the work but the rewards are endless.

Best year of my education so far. Learnt loads, had fun and met friends along the way. I felt well prepared when it was time to go it alone. - Claire Burton, DT

We asked Claire:

What she enjoyed most about her time on the course

I really enjoyed both placements. Getting to teach with full support and enjoying it. The amount of classroom time you get on this course is invaluable. I have met some great friends and mentors who all teach the same subject in the same area, the support network is fantastic as an NQT.

Why did you choose Leeds SCITT?

I learn by doing and I felt that it was important to be in the classroom as often as possible. Also the reputation of Leeds Trinity is well respected throughout education. I wanted the best possible start for my career.

Munaza who also studied Design Technology says...

I had an outstanding experience . . .

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Bethan who also studied Design Technology says...

Don’t let negativity in the press, from other teachers, other trainees, from moaning teenagers get to you.

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DT who also studied Design Technology says...

I still found that I had time to continue dancing and going out with friends as well as running regularly throughout the course. It is difficult in teaching to find time to do your own thing but the course supported me enough to feel I had the time.

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