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DT Trainee Design Technology

I still found that I had time to continue dancing and going out with friends as well as running regularly throughout the course. It is difficult in teaching to find time to do your own thing but the course supported me enough to feel I had the time.

Leeds SCITT has an amazing reputation for design and technology in the region and is truly inspiring. I found that I was drawn to the school centred aspect of the course without feeling that I was going to be ‘dropped in the deep end’ and expected to swim! The course eased us in nicely at the start and challenged us when we needed it. - DT Trainee, DT

We asked:

1.What have you enjoyed most about your time on the course?

Meeting new people who are passionate about teaching and know what they are talking about. Being inspired by good and outstanding teachers and being fully supported in both the theoretical pedagogy behind teaching and also practical resources and teaching.

2.What are your career ambitions for the next five years?

I find that my interests lie in teaching and learning rather than in pastoral therefore I am ambitious to move through the department hopefully to becoming head of department.

3.What are the unique selling points about Leeds SCITT?

Leeds SCITT is one of the only courses for Design and Technology in the region. It also is one of very few SCITT’s in the area.

4.What advice would you give to applicants when they are deciding who to train with?

I would advise that you decide what kind of learner you are and how you deal with high pressure situations. Leeds SCITT is the perfect medium between University style lecture learning and Schools Direct where you are expected to find everything out by yourself.

5.Finally, if you had to sum up the course / your experiences / thoughts for a tweet (140 characters), what would it be? 

#AMAZING!!!  Do it! Enjoy learning how to make others learn in the best way! #Teaching #LeedsSCITT #bestdecision

Munaza who also studied Design Technology says...

I had an outstanding experience . . .

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Bethan who also studied Design Technology says...

Don’t let negativity in the press, from other teachers, other trainees, from moaning teenagers get to you.

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Claire who also studied Design Technology says...

You have to be prepared to put in the work but the rewards are endless.

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