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Louise Barker Geography

Since completing her PGCE in Geography in 2013, Louise has been employed at Titus Salt School.

What was the highlight of the SCITT course for you? Having the opportunity to build relationships and contacts within a range of schools in the local area. This has really aided me in my career as I frequently share resources and advise with lots of people in the same boat as myself. - Louise Barker, Acting Head of Geography (Trainee in 2013)

Since completing her PGCE in Geography in 2013, Louise has been employed at Titus Salt School where, in addition to teaching geography, she is the SCITT mentor and the Humanities Teaching and Learning Champion.

Here's what Louise said when asked the following questions:

1. How well do you think Leeds SCITT PGCE prepared you for teaching employment?

Very well! In lots of ways your PGCE and NQT years are similar, but in many ways they are completely different. Thanks to completing the SEB during my PGCE I was equipped with the necessary skills to plan outstanding lessons, write schemes of work, mark effectively and manage behaviour. 

2. Why choose Leeds SCITT over other training providers?

I chose Leeds SCITT due to their reputation as a high quality teacher training provider. Location was also a factor in my decision, as I wanted to stay at home. 

3. What are your aspirations for the future?

At the moment I am enjoying being a SCITT mentor and having just gained the position of T&L Champion, I am looking forward to the challenges it throws my way. As for the future I would love to be Head of Geography. 

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