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Luke Donlan Geography

Luke completed his training in July 2014. He is now employed at Beckfoot School and is the Head of Geography.

My highlight of the SCITT course would be that I was given the opportunity to work with some fantastic and well experienced teachers from day one. The course had two brilliant leaders who lead by example and were very willing to allow you to observe their lessons and experience the practical side of the theory that was taught. Also my placement at Titus Salt School was a huge highlight, the staff there were very welcoming and made my first placement a real pleasure. - Luke Donlan, Geography

The SCITT course was excellent in preparing me for my first teaching post. Given that as a SCITT trainee we trained in schools from day one I was able to observe and experience how schools operate on a daily basis.

Leeds SCITT is a brilliant training course with many trainees speaking highly of the training. The Leeds SCITT course stands out as the training is run by staff who are still in teaching roles and are therefore up to date with current teaching practices.

In the future I wish to fulfil a successful career as a Geography teacher with the aim to become Head of Geography in the future. In addition to this I want to carry on progressing into possible Head of Year roles. However my overall aspirations is to continue developing as a teacher and continually aim high.

Louise who also studied Geography says...

Since completing her PGCE in Geography in 2013, Louise has been employed at Titus Salt School.

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Trainees who also studied Geography says...

We asked this years geography trainees to give us a short quote on their PGCE year so far. Here is what they said...

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