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Luke Helstrip Science with Chemistry

Read what Luke has to say about the SCITT and factors to consider when making your choices below.

'The SCITT course was worth every penny' - Luke Helstrip, Science with Chemistry, 2013/14

1.What did you enjoy most about your time on the course?

The first 12 weeks are the highlight of the course for me. In this time you quickly bond with your course mates and help each other over some really tough hurdles.

2.Why did you choose Leeds SCITT?

You spend much more time in the classroom than a standard PGCE course. The SCITT course gives you a much better representation of teaching overall.

3.What are the unique selling points about Leeds SCITT?

You are given time at the end of the course to engage in some enrichment activities, it allows you to move out and really work on something you have found interesting over your placements. Personally, I attended a school trip to Holland for a week!

4. What advice would you give to applicants when they are deciding who to train with? 

You have to look at how much contact time you have with tutors. They are the foundation of your support network, so make sure that they are involved in your development throughout the course.

5. What other hobbies do you have outside of work to help maintain work / life balance?

Music, I play in three separate bands.  I'm an avid scuba diving enthusiast and I am training to run marathons in the next year.

Luke currently teaches A level Biology and in the next five years aims to move into a senior role, focussing on the training of PGCE students and new staff members within his institution.

Neil who also studied Science with Chemistry says...

I respect the SCITT pathway a great deal. Due to this, I introduced my current school to the SCITT programme and we now have trainees with us across numerous subjects.

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