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Neil Copsey Science with Chemistry

I respect the SCITT pathway a great deal. Due to this, I introduced my current school to the SCITT programme and we now have trainees with us across numerous subjects.

SCITT; The best way to train to be a teacher! #IDidIt #NoLookingBack - Neil Copsey, Science, 2006

I feel I have been quite successful in my career to date.  My roles have involved mentoring new trainees/NQTs, working as an AST then as a Head of department.  I am currently leading a Science team and whole school KS3 achievement as a senior manager.

I found working with other subject specialist is small groups in a school environment a fantastic way to introduce me to teaching.  Having never worked with children, being surrounded by them in a school context made the initial shock of standing in front of a class much less daunting.  Having worked so closely with fellow science trainees over the first placement we formed a very strong support network and are still in touch now – 10 years later!

I really didn’t want to go back to sitting in lectures all day and felt that I would learn so much more being more “on the job” from day 1.  After spending 4 years in industry after graduation I did not want to feel like a student again.

What are the unique selling points about Leeds SCITT?

Being in a school setting from day 2 of the course.  You are surrounded by pupils and experts in their field and have the opportunity to get wrapped up in all areas of school life.  In my opinion this far outdoes writing essays and attending lectures until December which is what traditional PGCE courses tend to offer.

What advice would you give to applicants when they are deciding who to train with?

Go for it!  It can be slightly terrifying the first time you stand in front of a group of children but I felt so supported all of the way and it very quickly becomes second nature.

Luke who also studied Science with Chemistry says...

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