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      Success Stories

      Record numbers joining Leeds SCITT for 2017-2018

      With a record 15% increase in numbers joining our courses, we are delighted to continue providing excellent support across a wide curriculum to train and develop the teachers of the future. Our vision is providing young people with exceptional teachers who are passionate and accomplished in their chosen fields of education. Here at the Leeds SCITT, we believe that the better the teacher the more potential young people will show and develop.

      Our record of delivery to our objectives is borne out by our outcomes, with over 97% of our candidates achieving outstanding or very good teacher status, we are confident we supply a competitive edge when starting a career in education.

      With small classes, experienced and highly qualifies mentors, links to very good or exceptional schools and working environments and personalised curriculum we develop and deliver highly qualified teachers.

      As one of the longest-running SCITT providers in West Yorkshire, our experience and outcomes is outstanding; with personalised timetables, small class sizes and maximum classroom time teaching real students, we ensure high levels of employment – last year 97% of our students were employed in high standard establishments before the start of the September term.

      We don’t just blow our own trumpet, OFSTED also believe in our methods and results;

      “A positive climate for training and mentoring, where all members of the partnership are fully committed to its success.”

      “A well-designed and flexible programme structure that facilitates a strong sense of teamwork and support amongst both current and past trainees.”

      We have successfully helped over 300 students become exceptional teachers, with strong educational skills, a passion for teaching and developing an immensely rewarding long-term career in which they will focus on giving young people the best start and support in their journey to rewarding careers.

      At Leeds SCITT, we are proud of our results and outcomes and are welcoming even more potential students to our courses than ever before, here are some of the reasons you may also wish to start your career to outstanding teacher status with us.

      • Great major city locations
      • Outstanding results and outcomes
      • Excellent employment prospects at very good or outstanding schools
      • High standards of expectation and achievement
      • Real-world teaching experience
      • Personalised and flexible timetables
      • Enrichment activities
      • Highly experienced and qualifies mentors (over 10% of our mentors are ex-trainees)
      • Excellent long-term partnerships with top schools in the Leeds and Bradford area.
      • Fully qualified teacher status (QTS) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) with 60 Masters credits

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      How to apply

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