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    SCITT Training: Turning teaching into a lifelong career 

    For those unfamiliar with SCITT Teacher training, it stands for School Centred Initial Teacher Training. It is one of several methods in which aspiring teachers can train to teach, alongside a university-led PGCE and School Direct. The SCITT Training programme focuses on providing trainees with teaching placements within local partner schools in order to gain experience alongside their studies. For those wanting to make teaching their lifelong career, there’s no better way to train than via SCITT.

    Teaching Experience from the very beginning

    On the Leeds SCITT Teacher Training course, you step into the shoes of a teacher from day one. As a university graduate, the SCITT training will feel significantly more practical. This school-based training allows you to build up your confidence in the classroom whilst you’re still learning, giving you the perfect foundation for your NQT year and for a future career in teaching.

    What’s important is that you can take the time to get comfortable with directing a class of pupils and decide whether the teaching profession really is for you or not. The school experience also lets you tackle any challenges you might face early on in your career, so that you reach qualified teacher status (QTS) as an experienced individual. With all the kinks ironed out, trainees will be ready to take on the NQT year with the most on-the-job experience than any other route into teaching.

    Support and advice from experienced mentors

    Alongside the initial teacher education and in-school training, you’ll always have the support of skilled and experienced SCITT mentors. These are experts in their field, who are there to impart their knowledge and wisdom and share their experiences and techniques whilst you obtain your teaching qualification.

    Within the trainee teaching environment, trainees can then directly and rapidly integrate what they have learnt into their classes to try for themselves. This experimental phase allows you to discover who you are as a teacher and what methods of teaching you personally feel work best.

    Develop Resilience

    SCITT courses allow you to prepare for employment within the teaching profession through on-the-job training and access to a support network of mentors. The Leeds SCITT training programme gives its trainees the preparation they need in order to tackle the challenges or obstacles they’ll face in their future career. This includes days dedicated to well-being and relationship building to support the positive career progression.

    At the end of your year with Leeds SCITT, you’ll be prepared and acclimatised to the exciting journey ahead of you, which helps develop the resilience required to transform your teaching role into a lifelong career, full of opportunity. Within the network that Leeds SCITT exposes you to, you’ll find friends and mentors that you can call upon for support, not only through the course, but in the NQT year and beyond.

    To ask us a question about training to teach or to request more information about the Leeds SCITT course, please head to our contact page.

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