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      Why Teach?

      So you’ve decided that you want to become a Maths teacher?

      Making Maths seem fun can be something of a challenge when working with some pupils. In turn, this can sometimes make being a Maths teacher a difficult task. That’s why you have to learn from the best, to be the best. At Leeds SCITT, we’re happy to say that we provide some of the best training for prospective Maths teachers available in the country.

      You’ve learnt the mathematical formulas and the theories in classrooms and at university, now it’s time to learn how to teach. The best way to do this doesn’t have to involve professors or lecture halls as we bring this to you, and you learn by gaining experience in a classroom actually doing the thing you love – teaching. What makes Leeds SCITT unique when compared to other teacher training courses is the fact that you will be in the classroom helping educate children and further their skills in maths from your very first week on the programme.

      As with many SCITT courses, you will begin your Maths teacher training programme in a school that specialises in the subject, allowing you to learn from the best possible institutions in the area. This allows you to pick up tips and access help from teachers who have taught the subject for many years. However, you will be on these placements alongside fellow SCITT trainees, allowing you to absorb information and learn alongside teachers who are just at the beginning of their careers and full of exciting new ideas – just like yourself!

      Students can have an idea of maths being a ‘dry’ and boring subject, where there is no room for originality. It’s your job as a Maths teacher to prove that’s not the case! At Leeds SCITT we train teachers that are encouraged to be creative in their approach to teaching and use techniques that make Maths more engaging for pupils. Of course, there are things on the syllabus of each subject that need to be covered, but we develop teachers that think ‘outside the box’ in the way that they deliver this knowledge.

      At Leeds SCITT we’re proud of the high-quality Maths teachers our graduates become. If you want to learn more about what teaching Maths at Leeds SCITT is like, why not visit our Maths subject page for more information.

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