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      St Mary’s Menston

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      St Mary’s Menston

      St. Mary’s is a school with a distinct and strong Catholic ethos, providing an excellent quality of education with a variety of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities. We value constructive feedback and constantly reflect on our current practice to evolve in an ever-changing world. We have used our outstanding judgements from Ofsted and Diocesan inspections as the platform for further development to enable all of our young people to develop skills to prepare them for the wider world and achieve academic and personal excellence.

      Our Mission Statement is at the heart of all that we do and say, and as it suggests, all members of our community are on a pilgrimage to become the person God intends them to be. This Mission guides us to work with our families to draw out our students’ gifts, talents and virtuous character so that when they leave us, they can contribute positively to the common good of society and the beauty of the world.

      As a trainee of Maths or English, this is where you will spend the first six weeks of your PGCE course, where you will have the opportunity to observe and learn from experts in the classroom delivering your subject, as well as spending time with the other trainees learning all about the pedagogy behind teaching your subject, how to plan lessons, what makes an excellent lesson as well as at the same time developing your subject knowledge. As the six-weeks Lead School Experience progresses, you will have the opportunity to teach lessons, this is a personalised journey, so for some, that may happen sooner, as we can tailor the course to suit your previous experience and confidence at this stage.

      Video and Lead Tutors

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      Lead Tutors
      Fiona Towers: Maths Subject Lead Tutor
      James Trickett: English Subject Lead Tutor



      St Mary’s Menston was absolutely excellent! We were very lucky to have had Fiona and all the other teachers in the department to support and guide us through this tricky year. Kerrie Seaborne, Maths 2020-21 cohort

      I have had the sense throughout that each person I have encountered upon my teaching journey has genuinely had my interests, development and progress at heart. This has been extremely helpful in terms of feeling supported and in terms of being able to trust the process, however busy things got. Ash Davies English 2020-21 cohort

      I would recommend the Leeds SCITT course over a university led one as you gain more/better in-school experience and this has been particularly true over the last year. St Mary’s Menston has been very supportive towards the Maths trainees; the school has a strong Maths department and the Lead Maths Tutor has been particularly supportive; challenging and encouraging us in equal measure. The organizers of the Leeds SCITT course, in particular the Directors, have also been very encouraging and supportive. Gavin Burgess. Maths 2020-21 cohort

      You are immersed in the classroom straight away and you learn quickly about what it is like to teach.

      — Georgia Beaumont – Biology trainee

      Excellent support from all staff I have interacted with at Wetherby High School. Everyone you deal with takes training seriously and wants to help.

      — Roger Heeley - Physics trainee

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