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September to June

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Carr Manor

As an RS teacher you will help pupils to understand what has always been, and continues to be for us today, a powerful driving force in society.  It affects us all, whether or not we are believers, and is a subject that really provokes curiosity, calling out for better understanding.

With the support of your Lead Tutor, you will develop a deeper knowledge of your subject and how to inform our own political and social understanding of moral issues facing young people today. Your role as an RS teacher is a rewarding one as the study of Religious Studies is interesting for its own sake and useful in that it provides an insight into the study of ideas and their accompanying debates.  You will help pupils to examine their own ideas and raise questions where before you thought there were none and develop analytical skills.

You will need to work very hard for rewards you sometimes never see, but it is a chance to change lives

— RE Trainee

From the Religious Studies ITT School Lead Tutor

We are looking to recruit trainees who can inspire, challenge, and enjoy working with young people, in a way that it allows them to develop their understanding of the importance of religion within society, and also to explore their own personal spirituality.


Carr Manor Community School enjoys a strong reputation in the local area with a strong community ethos.  You will have the opportunity to work with an accomplished and driven team who keep abreast of the very latest research and developments in the subject.  Through the process of observation and team teaching opportunities you will develop the ability to communicate key religious, moral and spiritual ideas.  

In addition to your Lead School placement, you can be placed within up to two of our additional partnership schools to give you contrasting placements. We can also accommodate for those RS trainees that would like the opportunity to work in a faith based school as one of their placements.

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Carr Manor

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