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Science with Chemistry

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September to June

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Wetherby School

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With the support of experienced teachers, you will develop a deeper understanding of your subject knowledge and techniques to help pupils discover more about Chemistry as an intriguing and complex subject that deepens a pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the world around us: the elements, atoms, molecules and chemical reactions. 

Through Chemistry, pupils will also be able to build on developing their practical, analytical, creative, evaluative and problem-solving skills, which are universally advantageous.  The support of your Lead Tutor will help you to teach Chemistry in ways that will allow young people to utilise their natural curiosity for the world they live in and apply it to Science.

Whilst you’ll focus on Chemistry, trainees will also get the opportunity to expand their teaching experience further within the subject of science, by leading Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 classes on Biology and Physics.

The Science SCITT course with Chemistry is an ideal course for candidates that have the passion and enthusiasm needed to help shape young lives.  Candidates will need the drive and ambition to work with young people and have a love of Chemistry which will help spark pupils’ learning. If you have these skills, this programme is a fantastic opportunity for you.

The best way to train to be a teacher!

— Neil, Science Trainee

From the Science with Chemistry ITT School Lead Tutor

At Wetherby High School, the Lead Tutor of Science will work with you to ensure that you are well equipped as you progress into your teaching career.  Our Science Department will support your training, demonstrating high levels of professionalism and Chemistry specific training that will enable you to be confident in teaching your subject specialism.

We are interested in recruiting individuals who have the skills and interest to find the subject exciting and challenging and are able to share this enthusiasm with young people.


Wetherby High School has been graded as a ‘Good School’ in its 2019 Ofsted Report.  The school prides itself on its focus on restorative practice, which places relationships at the centre of its core business.  As a school, every effort is taken to promote personal development and the welfare of its pupils.  The nurturing environment at the school means that pupils at Wetherby High School have ‘high expectations and are good role models’.

The Science Department at Wetherby High School has a proven track record of securing good outcomes for students and has a diverse team of all specialisms.

As the Lead School for Science, Wetherby High School will ensure that you are supported in your training year, and challenged to be the best teacher you can be.  With the support of your Lead Tutor and the Chemistry Department at Wetherby High School, you will have access to a wealth of experience and support which is essential in your training year.

In addition to your Lead School placement, you can be placed within up to two of our additional partnership schools within the local area to give you contrasting placements.

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Wetherby School

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