Design Technology

Find out more about the Leeds SCITT Design Technology course.

Design Technology is a truly dynamic subject, one which is at the forefront of our ever changing world. It allows pupils to explore their creativity by designing and making innovative products which respond to the needs and wants of society.

The Leeds SCITT Design Technology course provides you with the opportunity to specialise in Resistant Materials, Food Technology or Textiles up to KS4 (GCSE level). You will also have the opportunity to teach a second specialism at KS3 (ages 11 – 14).

The course lasts for ten months and is divided into three twelve week stages, each with the emphasis on being School Centred. Being in a school environment from day one provides you with the unique opportunity to build upon your prior skills and experience and enhance your subject knowledge and professionalism in a real life classroom context.

Professional understanding of the requirements of being a teacher, including classroom management strategies and how to support pupils with varying needs, is supported by weekly sessions based at Leeds Trinity.

Throughout the course trainees are fully supported by the Lead Tutor for Design Technology, a Link tutor from Leeds SCITT and subject specialist mentors who are dedicated to training the very best teachers.

Ready to Apply?  Our course codes for UCAS are: W9X1 for SCITT (L26) and 2BTS for School Direct with Leeds SCITT and St Marys Menston (1AA).

Bethan says...

If something doesn’t make you want to do it better or challenge you, its not worth doing. Everyday will be different & rewarding in its own way.

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Bethan studied Design Technology

Claire says...

Best year of my education so far. Learnt loads, had fun and met friends along the way. I felt well prepared when it was time to go it alone.

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Claire studied Design Technology

DT says...

Leeds SCITT has an amazing reputation for design and technology in the region and is truly inspiring. I found that I was drawn to the school centred aspect of the course without feeling that I was going to be ‘dropped in the deep end’ and expected to swim! The course eased us in nicely at the start and challenged us when we needed it.

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DT studied Design Technology