Find out more about the Leeds SCITT English course.

English as a core subject helps young people to flourish and inspire others. Can you inspire a love of english in our young people. If the answer is yes, then study with us on your PGCE course to become an outstanding teacher and leader of tomorrow.

Skill in English is essential for all forms of communication in today’s society and it is vital that today’s youngsters are able to express themselves across a range of challenging contexts. As a teacher of English you will be instrumental in opening up the power of our language to your students, encouraging them to be practical, logical, creative and imaginative with their words, both written and spoken. Today’s secondary English curriculum is exciting and diverse: you will have the opportunity to shape our youngsters into effective writers with the ability to convey their ideas in different styles and encourage them to be engaged, avid readers of a wealth of literature from the classics to contemporary authors. 

We are interested in recruiting teachers who are passionate about their subject and all aspects of English Language and Literature, ready to learn themselves and keep on developing their own subject knowledge alongside a team of expert practitioners. You will deliver a curriculum that prepares young people for their future success and become confident in communicating your passion to your students.

To be successful, you need to learn how to shape and develop your own teaching style through plenty of first-hand classroom experience, teaching all different types of learners across the Key Stages. You will be supported all the way through, observing experienced teachers and planning alongside them. You will be expected to be professional and organised, dedicated to staying up-to-date with the English curriculum.

Trainees are also supported by a school subject based mentor and a link tutor from Leeds SCITT. You will be expected to reflect on your progress in order to assess your own strengths and development potential, which should help you to grow in skill and confidence. You will not be the finished article but we hope this will be the beginning of a challenging and rewarding career, with sound foundations.

If you share this vision for young people we want to meet you.

Ready to Apply?  Our course codes for UCAS are: 2BTH for School Direct with Leeds SCITT and St Marys Menston (1AA) and  the code for Leeds SCITT (L26) is 2TPB.