Find out more about the Leeds SCITT Maths course.

If you love a mathematical challenge and want to share your enthusiasm for the subject, this course will enable you to develop the ability communicate key mathematical skills and concepts and gain fully qualified teacher status.

Mathematics is all around us every day.  It is the tool and language of commerce, engineering and other sciences.  It plays a vital, often unseen role, in many aspects of life such as transport, mobile phones and space travel.  As a society it is important that young people are trained to be analytical, logical and able to solve problems.  These are the skills we develop as teachers of Mathematics.

We are interested in recruiting teachers who find the subject exciting and challenging and are able to share this enthusiasm with young people.

To be successful, trainees need to learn how to deliver in a style that suits their own personality but watch and learn from other teachers. Learning in a classroom requires professionalism, organisation, planning, preparation and excellent subject knowledge, across the department. Trainees will experience lessons across a range of ages and attainment, reflecting the diverse needs of students in our schools.

You will work alongside an experienced team of Mathematicians, who have proven ability to ensure achievement for all students. Through the process of observation and team teaching opportunities you will develop the ability to communicate key mathematical concepts and skills.  

Trainees are also supported by a school subject based mentor and a link tutor from Leeds SCITT. Constant reflection allows trainees to assess their strengths and development potential, which should allow progression and confidence. You will not be the finished article but we hope this will be the beginning of a challenging and rewarding career, with sound foundations.

If you share this vision for young people we want to meet you.

Ready to Apply?  Our course codes for UCAS are: 2CCS for SCITT (L26) and 2BTD for School Direct with Leeds SCITT and St Marys Menston (1AA).

James says...

The structure of the course allowed me to build a deep understanding of teaching practice and methodologies before applying these in schools that were chosen for me specifically, where I could develop and improve as a teacher.

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James studied Maths