Religious Education

Find out more about the Leeds SCITT Religious Education course.

The SCITT Model is a unique ‘hands-on’ experience that is a family partnership including tutors, trainees and schools. It is this partnership that supports you through your development and ensures your learning experience is comprehensive and relevant. It is ‘practical based learning’ at your own pace, with professional support at all times. You will need to work very hard for rewards you sometimes never see, but it is a chance to ‘change lives’.

Religion has always been, and continues to be for us today, a powerful driving force in society. It affects us all, whether or not we are believers, and is an intensely curious subject that calls out for better understanding. A knowledge of religion is needed to inform our own political and social understanding, to enlighten the subtleties of literature and to aid our understanding of history. Beyond this, the study of Religious Studies is a fascinating one, interesting for its own sake and useful in that it provides an insight into the study of ideas and their accompanying debates. It forces you to examine your own ideas and raises questions where before you thought there were none. The focus on developing analytical skills means that Religious Studies qualifications are valued by colleges and universities.

We are interested in recruiting teachers who can inspire, challenge, and enjoy working with young people, in a way that it allows them to develop their understanding of the importance of religion within society and allowing them to also explore their own personal spirituality.

If you share this vision for young people we want to meet you.

Ready to Apply?  Our course codes for UCAS are: V6X9 for SCITT (L26) and 2BTK for School Direct with Leeds SCITT and St Marys Menston (1AA).