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      Why Teach?

      Teach the next generation of computer buffs with Leeds SCITT!

      Being ‘computer literate’ in the current job market is something that can’t be underestimated. Having an extensive and impressive knowledge of IT is something that sets children apart from their competitors in a modern world. It’s a subject that involves problem-solving and can, at times, be as creative as it is technical.

      So if you’ve decided you want to teach this increasingly important subject to the next set of computer buffs to finish school, you’ve come to the right place!

      Our lead tutor of Computer Science here at Leeds SCITT is one of only a few Master Teachers of the subject in the country. This means that those training for their PGCE in Computer Science with Leeds SCITT are getting some of the best training in the country, and putting them at the forefront of the discipline.

      As with all of our SCITT courses, when you train to teach Computer Science and IT with us, we put you in the best possible institution. Trainees will begin their SCITT journey at Titus Salt, a specialist IT school. The school is extremely well equipped to teach IT in the best possible way, with 30 laptops being provided throughout the school and having state of the art IT suites. Working in an environment that puts the study of IT and Computer Science as a major priority allows you the perfect, positive learning environment to put your plans to teach into action!

      Leeds SCITT also has many of our previous graduates on hand to help with the mentoring of new trainees. Having access to the help of people who have literally ‘been there, done that’ helps ensure your hands-on teacher training at Leeds SCITT is a success. All of these factors make Computer Science with IT graduates from Leeds SCITT desirable for employers, helping our ability to get graduates into teaching jobs among the best in the country.

      To learn more about Computer Science with IT and the array of other courses we offer, visit our subjects page.

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