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      Thinking of Applying?

      What makes Leeds SCITT different?

      There are a number of teacher training courses available, so why should you choose the Leeds SCITT programme?

      SCITT stands for School Centred Initial Teacher Training, and that’s because our training takes place in real schools with real students. At SCITT, we understand that the best way to learn how to be a great teacher is by teaching. Here are some of the unique benefits studying on the Leeds SCITT programme can offer you:

      The experience

      Any qualified teacher will tell you that the most defining moments in shaping their teaching career takes place in the classroom as opposed to a lecture hall. And with Leeds SCITT we only put you in the best institutions for the subject you specialise in. You will spend the first 10 weeks of the programme in a leading school that specialises in your subject, and you will return for further training throughout the programme. In addition to this you will be learning alongside peers who specialise in the same subject as you, allowing you to share knowledge and bounce ideas off one another as you develop.

      The qualification

      All of our qualifications are PCGE with QTS which includes 30 Masters’ credits. Unlike some teacher training programmes, SCITT provides you with an internationally recognised PGCE qualification, keeping your options open should you wish to teach abroad once you have completed the programme. The PGCE in combination with the hands-on experience you have gained as part of SCITT creates teachers with ‘the full package’ for prospective employers.

      The outcome

      SCITT produces teachers with employment rates that are much higher than sector averages. Ofsted has recently praised the high quality of SCITT trainees and the way in which the course produces self-motivated, reflective and confident trainees. Teachers that have been through the SCITT programme are extremely sought after due to the way in which the programme is held in such high regard, and their increased understanding of how teaching in the classroom works when compared with some other routes into a teaching career.

      Enrol today…

      The SCITT programme opens a world of opportunities to prospective teachers, with the opportunity to fulfil your passion for teaching and get your career off to the right start by learning in the best possible way.

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