How to Apply

Course Structure – for all subjects

The course at Leeds SCITT is a dynamic and personalised course that builds on the fundamental foundations of great teaching and learning and ensures each and every trainee reaches their full potential.

First Stage Second Stage Third Stage

The first stage of your training is based predominantly in the lead school for your subject. This school has a specialism in your subject area and the lead tutors based in the school are subject experts who are also outstanding teachers and trainers. Each school has dedicated training areas so that your training consists of quality time with your tutors.

The initial training is focused on subject pedagogy;

  • How highly effective planning leads to successful outcomes in the classroom;
  • How you can ensure pupils make good progress in their learning;
  • How you can assess learning to inform next steps and strategies to support highly skilled differentiation.

At Leeds SCITT we believe this training needs dedicated periods of seminar time followed by time in the classroom, working with good and outstanding teachers to consolidate what has been learnt and discussed. For this reason, Leeds SCITT invests in releasing lead tutors from teaching responsibilities for these training days.

As a group of trainee teachers in your subject you will build a support network that enables you to discuss teaching and learning ideas, work collaboratively and also provides support for many years to come.

You will be immersed in the school environment from week 1 and you will be seen as a professional by school staff, pupils and parents. This allows you to take the theory, thinking and research and see / implement this in the classroom, ensuring you develop your ‘teacher’ persona as quickly as possible.

The second stage of the course is a full-time placement in a partnership school with some core development days at your lead school and LTU.

During this stage you will have a dedicated subject mentor who will observe you teach, support you with your planning and developing your subject knowledge for teaching. They will be your first port of call during this stage of training when you establish yourself in the classroom as the teacher.

Your teaching timetable will be lower than a qualified teacher to allow you reflection and development time.

The third stage of the course is a full-time placement in a contrasting partnership school, again with some core development days at your lead school and LTU.

By this stage you will be planning, teaching, assessing, marking and being a team member in your department. However, this is the stage where you will push the boundaries of your teaching and learning skill set and try new strategies and ideas to really push pupils to achieve their very best.

During the year you will undertake some immersion days at various schools with particular strengths such as diversity, supporting pupils with English as an additional language and behaviour management. These experiences will give you a broader understanding of the range of schools in our area and the diversity of approaches by different schools.

Finally, in the last two weeks of the training year, you will have the opportunity to undertake an enrichment and enhancement placement or experiences. What this looks like is entirely different for each trainee as this is a time to pursue an interest, an additional subject, organising out of school learning and many more options!

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