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Thinking of Applying?

Considering becoming an English teacher?

English is considered a core subject here in the UK, so why is so much emphasis placed on this subject in the country's curriculum?

Thinking of Applying?

This spring Leeds SCITT has a lot of good news to shout about!

We are thrilled to confirm that we are the only provider in West Yorkshire that has been given a three-year allocation by the Department of Education and National College for Teaching and Leadership...

Why Teach?

Why be a teacher?

Teaching is not just a career, it’s about making an impact in the future of the world around you.

Thinking of Applying?

Is teaching for you?

It’s a huge decision, one could almost say it is life-changing; is teaching for you? How do you really know before you embark on applications and study?

Success Stories

Record numbers joining Leeds SCITT for 2017-2018

With a record 15% increase in numbers joining our courses, we are delighted to continue providing excellent support across a wide curriculum to train and develop the teachers of the future.

Why Teach?

Dance your way to success with Leeds SCITT

Is dancing your passion? Does the thought of sharing your passion for dancing with...

Why Teach?

Teach the next generation of computer buffs with Leeds SCITT!

Having an extensive and impressive knowledge of IT is something that sets children apart from their competitors in a modern world...

Why Teach?

So you’ve decided that you want to become a Maths teacher?

Making Maths seem fun can be something of a challenge when working with some pupils. In turn, this can sometimes make being a Maths teacher a difficult task.

Why Teach?

Make Music matter with Leeds SCITT

If you can’t think of anything better than getting stuck in with teaching pupils about the magic of music, Leeds SCITT is the best option for you!

Why Teach?

Modern Foreign Languages at Leeds SCITT

Learning to speak a different language requires using your brain in a completely different way to any other subject on the school curriculum.

Why Teach?

Art and Design with Leeds SCITT

Thinking of Applying?

What makes Leeds SCITT different?

There are a number of teacher training courses available, so why should you choose the Leeds SCITT programme?

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